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Imagine a black box if you will, now imagine that box being the only thing you will ever need, it being the ultimate gaming system, now you have a PS2. Considered not as good as the Xbox because of its weaker specs the ps2 still had the larger choice of games, while the xbox had only halo and later halo2 and doom3 as games that recieved any sort of pblicity the ps2 continues to release hugely popular games.
MGS2 on PS2, you dont need other reason to go buy it do you?
#ps2 #xbox #gamecube #consoles #sony
by 5Y573M January 01, 2006
You either like them or you dont, i like them but take it from me the only ablums you want to buy are live in texas, hybrid theory, and metroa thats it NO OTHERS!!! YOU HEAR
Linkin Park was good before the whole Jay-z thing
#lp #linkin #papercut #angst #screaming made good
by 5Y573M January 01, 2006
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