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A defense used when another roleplayer imposes on others to take away all the fun, enjoyment, and exploration of roleplay in favor of meeting a highly idealized notion of perfection, including knowledge and conduct that cannot be reached without making mental sacrifices. It's also a way to tell another roleplayer to "lighten up."

This is derived from the private World of Warcraft roleplay server Conquest of the Horde (CotH), which is best known for using strict, though highly imperfect, standards of acceptance.
Roleplayer 1: /e unpacks a fine bit of dwarven slims, putting a cigarette to his lip and sparking it up with a mechanical lighter. He gazes off onto the sea, leaning up against a metal crate. The portside was quite peaceful at this time of night.

Roleplayer 2: (( Uhm, excuse me? There isn't any such thing as cigarettes in warcraft lore and I very much doubt the dwarves would have anything to do with them. It doesn't fit their racial profile at all. Secondly, that's not a metal box you're leaning up against; it's wooden. Thirdly....the last sentence on your emote was completely unfitting for the dialogue and my character wouldn't be able to pick that up. I'm taking screens and reporting you to a GM. ))

Roleplayer 1: (( Don't CotH on me, bro!))
by 5555f June 18, 2009

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