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As said before goes by HoCo to most us kids living here....not gonna go into the details of being rich and great schools/sports. Heres a new definition: Howard County the most stereotypical place on earth.

Everything living breathing or even a building is given some sort of little name and descroption to it

lets go with Schools for instance
River Hill- hated by many schools for some reason because thy think of the studens there are all snobby rich kids
Oakland Mills- the "ghetto" of Hoco
Mt. hebron- with amzaing lax but bad reo for many drug "issues"
many others along with those

the truth is with schools the residents, EVERYTHING here is given a label when really we are not all what we think each other is. soo lets stop being hated by eevryone else and stop encouraging the stereotypes.
Howard County howard county howard county
by 5343536363 December 12, 2006
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