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being paranoid about your computer getting a virus. A person with Virus Paranoia will scan everything downloaded before opening it and will remove anything an anti virus detects without regard that it may just be a false positive.
my friend's virus paranoia caused her removed a program that was safe because her anti virus found it questionable.
by 50%Cat April 08, 2011
A term people say when they make a lot of typos (usually in one day)
I made a lot of typos. I am Typo Crazy today!
by 50%Cat June 16, 2011
A nickname you call someone when they are able to withstand heat
James: You are kind of close to that fire, aren't you hot, Jhon?
Jhon: I can stand it
James: Mister Fahrenheit!
by 50%Cat June 09, 2011
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