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a forum game people play on various forums, where one person makes a wish, then the next poster corrupts the wish by saying what bad thing comes out of the wish. then makes a wish themself.
I wish there was a definition for "corrupt a wish"

Granted, but it's in Japanese
by 50% Cat July 24, 2011
just a shorter way of saying Bullshitted
the cell phone store said on the telephone that the phone was free. When we got to the store, we were told that wasn't true, the lady on the phone BS'd us!
by 50% Cat September 04, 2011
when your high speed internet is running slow
My high speed internet is slow right now, I am using high speed dial up internet
by 50% Cat November 17, 2011
when you gain more than one level from a single battle in an RPG
I just gained 3 levels from that one battle! I had a multi level up!
by 50% Cat October 14, 2011
when someone is a totally different person when they are on the internet than they are in real life. the personality that they are on the internet is their Internet Personality
that girl is mean and argumentative in real life, but her Internet Personality, she gets along with everybody.
by 50% Cat August 09, 2011
A shortened term for 'Counter' as in counter attack.
she is so Co-coordinated, she falls a lot
by 50% Cat August 23, 2011
when you have been level grinding in an RPG game so long you get bored of it.
I have been level grinding for the last 3 hours and it's getting old, I am getting Level Grinding Boredom.
by 50% Cat August 31, 2011

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