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1 definition by 4xtra

It is a social class label that originated from the poor whites in the West Virginia, Northern/Eastern Kentucky, Southern Ohio and southwestern Pennsylvania areas.

Many have a very similar lifestyles to each other and many were raised in that type of environment, never traveled anywhere nor lived anywhere but in that type of community.

That lifestyle consist of the following

Watching NASCAR events on TV

Leisure Shopping at Walmart

Fixing up older vehicles in their yard

Listen to old Rock songs such as Lynard Skynard, The Eagles, CCR and Bob Segar.

Talk about how the world is going to hell because of a large number of social issues that are on the news

They feel that they are a "victim" of others including the government, "outsiders" such as minorities and upper income people.

Deep down, they feel that many look down on this culture so they lash out in frustration to justify their existence.

Many do NOT have any type of formal education beyond high school.

A premier occupation to these people are usually Union jobs in the North, and factory jobs in the south where a relative assisted them on entry of the job.
(This is EXTREMELY common and I have seen this first hand, even with jobs in the Government sector where they were not qualified for the job in any capacity)

Many of them have friends of other races but they have deeply ingrained racists views on minorities.
They view most blacks as "ghetto" and the blacks who appear educated as "uppity".
Hey bubba,
Have you seen dat nigga Obama on TV?
Man is sure is a uppity nigga!!
Those type of people think we are white trash
by 4xtra June 13, 2012