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A bro is typically wears button up shirts and kahki cargo shorts and sunglasses, on more casual days they may wear a polo or a shirt with their favorite team name on it. They usually get a buzz cut and flaunt it. They play frisbee and love parties and bbqs. When you see a bro he will shoot the guns at you and most likely say something along the lines as "sup". All bros can talk about is sports and they really enjoy gay jokes, they think its funny or impresses girls, but they end up looking dumb. Bros have more than 20 profile photos on facebook, enough said.
"Hey bro did you check out that pic i added to my facebook?"

"Yeah man your haircut is gnarly, and im lovin the shades"

"Lol thanks brah wanna go to this party tonight? I heard there will be frisbee!

"Totally dude, just let me grab my socks and sandals"
by 4tehlulzzz August 02, 2009

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