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Commonly found in nightclubs, the "hooaah" is a sad male example of the species who preys upon those much younger than himself, often (but not limited to) those of the opposing gender. In attempting to "make a play," the "hooaah" will circumnavigate his target in a wild manner associated with dancing (in his mind). They are rarely appealing and often are the cause of fights and screaming, running ladies.
That hooaah at the club last night wouldn't leave her the hell alone!

I just wanted to bitch-slap that hooaah!
by 4play April 21, 2003
Similar to the term "rice" when referring to automobiles, but in specific relation to cars of German manufacture. Always used when speaking of vehicles which have been unnecessarily "suped up" in ways that make them glow and loud, but never fast, and never by anyone who would know how to drive the cars properly.
That GTI is pure Bratwurst.
by 4play April 21, 2003

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