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A rare and extremly amazing animal closely related to the jamacian bumbagoat often found in the long grasses of jamacia and barbados the bumbaferret has the ability to mimick and sound within its envioroment and is notorious for luring in native bajans into fields and assulting them with its huge 2nd toe wich has talons of up to 3 feet in lenghth with razor sharp precision the bumbaferret slices into its victims neck where it then proceeds to drink the blood of the unfortunate bajan child.The bumbaferret can also perform 9ft backflips which it uses to attract its mate. a truly amazing species.
- eh boi a wah de raaole a appen to unu nek na man?
- cha dem rassclaat bumbaferret dep ina field trick me man, me thought it was shirley callin me fe sum cok!
- seen yous a fool fe fallin fe dat trick again
- ush up na man

by 43 August 05, 2006
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