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A non medical term that explains the correlation between people who consume cannabis and their uncanny yet powerful liking of dairy products, particularly cheese.
"Dude I think I have the cheese disease, I ate 18 cheese sticks in one sitting just now."

"I totally have it, I used to eat chunks of mozzarella when I used to work at Panera all the time, it was sick."
by 420jambi July 14, 2009
The act of smoking a bowl of marijuana before a test or quiz.
"dude wheres alex? the bell rung"
"he's quiz bowlin' in his car."

"yo you wana go quiz bowlin' before class?"
by 420jambi July 14, 2009
A double chambered bong or water pipe that is made solely from materials purchased at "Axman Surplus" in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.
dude you tryn' to smoke outta the Axman?
by 420jambi July 14, 2009

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