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A car designed to be a slow moving shit bucket that couldn't beat half the 4-dr cars on the road in the 50's,much less any real hot-rod.Later the engineers of the original shit bucket were taken out and shot,replaced with some more whores of satan who set out to create a 200 mph plastic penis prosthesis for old men and closet gay republicans "out cruising" for boys being pimped by NASCAR watching redneck stepdads who like to be called things like "Skeeter".Usually these pathetic excuses will waive the standard "son rammin fee" simply because the guy waving a few bucks at his trailer is in a Z06. He will exclaim at this point "OMGMAWMA!",as he jumps up his bean bag chair,throwing his mother/sister off his lap,"IT'S AFUCKINZ06!IT'S LIKE THE BUDWIESER OF CARS!I MIGHT BLOW THIS GUY MYSELF!".These old crones stood around at the golf course with the engineering team that made the neo-gen vettes, laughing about how much they have saved on their monthly child prostitution bills, the engineers decided that this was simply not enough. They could rebuild it, they could make it even worse!So they opened up an injection molding factory,got every single axle that the dana corporation was throwing out or using as shred stock for beer cans, they came up with a computer controlled fire hazard that barely moved and STILL can't beat my 41 chevy pickup that I built in my DRIVEWAY,and this is what you are now driving, shoulda dropped that 80g's on the ground and shit on it.
Every old slow driving, empty headed, old ass corvette owner that seems to gravitate toward Daytona Beach FL.
by 41roadstervetKILL October 27, 2010

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