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An compliment mixed with an insult, neither hidden.
Sdean: You have nice eyes there, big nose
Sdean: see thats a compliment mixed with an insult I call it a complisult
by 403forbidden August 29, 2006
A phrase used generally to replace the name of someone when you have forgotten who you were going to talk about. This is similar to What's his face? or What's her face?, but usually catches the other person off guard.
Guy 1: So what are you doing for Labor Day this year?
Guy 2: Oh you know, I'm going home to play a game of football with what's his nuts, the guy who always ran an extra mile after gym practice.
by 403forbidden September 03, 2006
A role playing game usually conducted over an internet forum.
Kevin is in a play by post for White-Wolf's Mage rpg with his friends.
by 403forbidden May 25, 2006
A form of spam that isn't just bland, it creates a new level beyond such crapness that in fact needs a new name because it's just so god awfully bad. -Rabid_Fox
spammer: I don't want your stupid spammy award. Pooppants.
gus: It's not quality, it has no class, it is just annoying like hell.
derm: We'll call it mass beige posting.
by 403forbidden October 10, 2006
The sound often associated with cats meowing in anime and manga.
Example 1
*Vash runs by in a hurry...*
Kuroneko- "Nyaw."

Example 2
Brian- "What the hell is a nyaw?"
Jen- "In Japan, cats don't meow. They nyaw."
by 403forbidden April 15, 2007
Role playing time is the term used to describe the tardiness of gamers. On role playing time, things will start anywhere from half an hour to three or four hours later than they were scheduled.
1: The game is scheduled to start at 10pm, but will actually start at midnight.

2: "Hey, I told you supper was at 6:30!"
"It's 9!"
-"Oh, I thought you meant role playing time."
by 403forbidden March 09, 2008
A semi-casserole eaten by college students that can consist of many things.

-Favored/cheapest noodles
-1 can "Cream-of" (chicken, mushroom, beef, etc)
College student 1: Dude, I'm tired of eating ramen all the time.
College student 2: Okay, we'll have some college noodles tonight.
by 403forbidden June 28, 2007

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