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Noun; verb; adjective (see "Geebzy")
Named after Green Bay, WI; a way of life that entails grunting, sniffing digits, wafting (twice), breathing, being overweight, alcoholism, THE PACK, fishing, tattoos, hunting, hating FIBs, averaging at least 3 DUIs per decade, loving brats with kraut (Frank's) and a hearty "spicy brown tard," knowing where the Packers live and going on "cruises" to check out their houses, going to B-Dubs, trollin' the Fox, facing Goldie Flakes, peeing the bed with your girl/boyfriend in it (sometimes with simultaneous-couples-pees), always being cold as fuck, banging the Brawn Cat (applicable to females only), tailgating, sharp cheddar, fried food (see also sharp cheddar), mashing dat Chadalac, blastin' ten-pointers, getting too nice, wearing camo and/or flame orange, loving Lambeau, Friday night fish fries, raging at Club 56 (or HipCats if that's how you like to get down), drinking your body weight in MGD, wife beating (and doing so more prolifically after a home loss), and dying young.
1). Noun: "Hey! You hosers going down to Geebz to get nice on Sunday?"

2). Verb: "I think I had a legitimate chance to stuff, but then I geebzed-out too hard."

3). Adjective: Q: "Howuz dah wedding?" A: "Geebzy. Everyone was blacked out."
by 4-Facer June 15, 2010

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