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A once forgotten short hand used amongst Jesus Freaks of the 1970s to address the perceived spiritual need that all humans have with regard to their individual relationship to the purportedly all loving, all knowing all powerful entity that many English speaking believers refer to generically as "God".

A certain idea about the universal need by every human to be fulfilled by their supposed "Creator" would succinctly be summarized by the term "godhole."

The term seemed to fall out of usage and there is some debate as to whether most of the Jesus Freaks sold out for 700 Club styled Cash Money Christianity or if the term became a theological liability in that it called into question whether an all powerful, all loving and all knowing deity would create flawed creatures capable of being corrupted wholesale for thousands of generations by one man's original sin so as to be broken each and every one by a "God sized hole" found in that immaterial part of one's being relating outward to the cosmos.
"Hey man, I hear what you are saying - the news today can be a real bummer but you know, smoking doobies and tripping on acid won't fill your godhole. Brother, why don't you look into Jesus, he's got the answers man. Let your godhole be filled with His groovy love!"
by 3thom April 16, 2009

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