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Originally called "Yellowhook". A largely middle class neighborhood in the southwest corner of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. With its strong family presence, it is not uncommon to see third or fourth generation families living in the region. Bay Ridge has been known for its large Irish, Italian, Greek and Scandinavian population, but like other areas in South/Southwest Brooklyn, it has recently seen a large influx of Russian immigrants, and a smaller amount of Chinese. Bay Ridge also has many international restaurants and bars, especially along 3rd and 5th Avenue. It is home to Fort Hamilton, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the 69th street Pier (and it's 9/11 monument), Owl's Head Park, and John Paul Jones Park a.k.a. "Cannonball Park".

Contrary to popular belief, Bay Ridge is not inherently a rich or poor neighborhood, and most of the mansions that some may see as part of the neighborhood are either landmarks or are actually part of nearby Dyker Heights.
Best place to get food? 3rd ave in Bay Ridge of course!
by 3l_0r50 July 23, 2008

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