6 definitions by 3k racer

The fastest speed you can go on your lawnmower. Also a funny phrase to use when you are describing full throtle!
i was haulin like 5th and bunny
by 3k racer April 28, 2005
The slowest speed you can go on a lawn mower. The exact oposite of 5th and bunny.
i was changing the bag on my lawn mower so i left it in first and bunny w/ the parking break on!
by 3k racer May 06, 2005
lame worthless show that wastes everyones time because once it gets to the top ten everyone gets contracts
Lets just say "rigged"
by 3k racer May 09, 2005
where a girl blows bubbles with your cum and a bubble floats to the ground like a parachute!
It was pretty rad when jamie made a cum chute last night
by 3k racer May 10, 2005
a new age word that needs to be used in the place of thingy or thing-a-magigy
He Brock can you had me that jimmy johny over there?
by 3k racer May 06, 2005
Kyle's racing number for his car at skagit speedway
the 3k car is the fastest car on the track and the driver is dreamy
by 3k racer May 04, 2005

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