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2 definitions by 3girlsmom

The act of two or more bare-breasted women lined up side-by-side on all fours, moving their soaped-up nipples back and forth in a car wash motion over someone lying beneath them.
noun: The cheerleaders gave Billy a boobie car wash after they won the big game.
by 3girlsmom July 01, 2010
A drink made with 2 parts good tequila, 1 part cointreau or grand marnier, 1 part chambord, and a splash of margarita mix. Serve chilled or over ice.
Man says to his wife, "May I make you another leg spreader honey?"

"I call this drink a leg spreader because after one or two of these, she's all mine."
by 3girlsmom July 16, 2009