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1 definition by 3eye

A person who uses an internet forum to bash musicians and other people in the limelight by spreading rumours.
BoozeFest2006: 1st post!!!!!

metalgore666beast: They sold out when they relased an album on cd, I can't believe they signed to a bigger label! vinyl---->cd

NilfheimGoatSlayer: Screw all metalcore and Nu-metal!

GraveLabour: Their leadsingers is hot though, I'd pee in her butt!

DeathCorpse69: Their last album was great, but the new one really sucks, mostly because I heard their bass player is gay...

Metalcruncher: Yeah they should have stayed on that unknown Polish label. Damn posers!

666=666: Come on you guys, you're acting like total blabbermouths!
by 3eye August 14, 2006
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