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1. anal or oral (usually anal) insertion of a cell phone that rings during an event such as a movie, play, music recital or other public event where quiet is desired.

2. What the price controling and monopolistic ATT/Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon do to their customers every day.

3. Using cell phones to talk to the animals. (see also cellular bestiality and "Doctor Dolittleing")
Threat of cellular sodomy:
"Turn your (insert your choice of expletive)cell phones off or we're going to shove it up your choose orafice."

Subject of cellular sodomy:
"I just got my T-Mobile bill...How could I have used all of those minutes? I've never seen a more terrible act of cellular sodomy.

Commision of cellular sodomy(bestiality):
Caller: "So, what are you wearing?"
Donkey: "Hee-haw"
Caller: "Oh yeah, me too."
by 3dmark April 25, 2007
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