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1. A mistake or foul up distinguished by it's severe repercussions and monumental degree of insane stupidity.

2. An action or series of actions so moronically confounding as to defy human comprehension.

3. Beyond FUBAR.
1. Everyone makes mistakes, but the new guy on the job bulgarred his portion of the wall so bad, we gave the customer a full refund, and accepted that we would all be fired.

2. Things had never been better for Rich; a great job, a steady girl and finally a reason to take pride in his life; but suddenly he went all bulgar, lost his job and his apartment, went to jail, beat up his girlfriend and succumbed to cataclysmic alcoholism.

3. The low rent apartment building in the ghetto was scheduled for renovation. After finding pest and rodent infestation, evidence of severe fire and water damage, a crumbling foundation and an abundance of fecal matter throughout, the inspector condemned the building with a single word, BULGAR.
by 3Palmer April 16, 2010

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