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1 definition by 314huSTLe_spey

Spey evolved from the word respect. Originally, it the word respect was cut down to "spect", and eventually God gave man "spey". Spey can be used in an infinite amount of ways. Spey started out in St. Louis, but is sweeping across the nation, branching up in Florida and Boston. Spey will eventually become international.
Two adolescent males are walking in the food court when then notice an attractive mature with a low cut shirt, arousing the two fellows.

(Spey as a verb) "Wow, I'd spey her all night. She would have to take two speying BC pills the next mourning"

A group of males in the parking lot after school, throw in yomps. One male, an avid dipper puts in half a tin.

"Dear Lord, spey your pinch!"

"No spey for my wife leaving the kitchen without permission"

"No spey for the exam putting on a condom before raping me"

"I smoked one-fifth last night down in Chillenville, spey Hindu Kush"
by 314huSTLe_spey April 05, 2011
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