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"(I'll) Read that shit later."
Better than telling someone TLDR, I suppose. Especially when you're saying it to a clingy girlfriend.
Julie: Hey babe, did you read that unnecessarily long message I sent you about our date tomorrow night?
Matt: Nah chill, I'll RTSL. I'm busy screwing your best friend.
by 30stmx3 August 22, 2010
The area between two incredibly saggy boobs that you can seemingly slide your dick through if you're brave enough. There seems to be no connection between these boobs like a normal woman's. In other words, it pretty much looks like you took a chubby but flat-chested prepubescent girl and tacked on both of your dead Grandma Betty's tits with a blindfold.
Chris: Dude, look at her Red Sea. It's looking wider than usual.
Nick: Man, I wouldn't want to put my dick anywhere near those things.
by 30stmx3 August 23, 2010

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