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A catchphrase preached almost religiously by a fucking bald knobjockey infront of a undeserving school audience.
"Okay guys. Premature ejacluation. 30 Seconds of Madness. (or pleasure) is all it takes. Just like when I'm in bed with my poor wife."
#paul mckinlay #baldy #shine-head #maturity #fifteen
by 30secondsoflove August 15, 2007
1. adj. Foul smelling.
2. N. a pizza boy who is a real douche.
1. "Hey man. You see that girl. Her vag is pretty Backsmells!"

2. "Hey Backsmells, buy us Denny's or we won't be your friend."
#loser #idiot #thick #disgusting #pizza
by 30secondsoflove August 15, 2007
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