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When one or more body parts usually covered by a bathing suit are found to be hanging out of it. Commonly happens at the bottom of water slides or in areas where high surf conditions occur.
Whoa! That water slide was so huge, at the bottom I had to check my boobs to be sure I wasn't having an out of bathing suit experience.
by 3 card Monty June 05, 2009
an awareness of the fact that sometimes your mom knows more than she lets on.
"How did your mom know about the party you had while she was away? We cleaned up the house!" "I don't know - must be momnipotence"
by 3 card Monty June 03, 2009
1.) a person who, although intelligent, functions as a dumbass. 2.) Someone who is motivated to rise only to the level of function necessary to complete a task.
1.) Q: "Your friend seems smart! Does she do well in school?" A: "Nah! She's a functional dumbass!"
2.) That functional dumbass fixed my computer problem, but now all my files are deleted!
by 3 card Monty May 25, 2009
1.) Someone who prefers, whenever possible, to select an item made of bamboo over any other material

2.) a member of the bamboo-elite.
"Dude, did you install a laminate floor in your living room?" "No way, I'm a strict bamboodist!"

"Bamboo is an easily renewable, durable wood - and it's beautiful."
by 3 card Monty June 03, 2009
the realization that your mother's many years of acquired knowlege may be useful to you, after all.
In a moment of mama-cognition, Mary phoned her mother to ask how much lasagna to make for the dinner party.
by 3 card Monty June 03, 2009
A way to describe 2 sides in strong opposition by comparing them to the Democratic and Republican Parties.
"Let's watch the Red Sox beat the Yankees!" "Oh, yeah, the other partisanship!"
by 3 card Monty June 03, 2009
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