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Bruce Lee was the son of a famous comedian and actor who from a very early age was performing fake 'Screen Martial Arts' on stage and in some early black and white films. As Bruce got older he realised he wasnt any different from any other Hong Kong stunt man and there was no way he could compete with the likes of Jakie Chan who was prepared to jump of buildings n shit for real.
So Bruce decided to become a cha-cha dance teacher so he could get close to blonde American women. After years of hard dance training he finaly won the 1955 Hong Kong cha-cha dance championship. This was to be the only time Bruce competed in any kind of tournament.
A few months later Bruce got in a fight and had to be sent to America by his parents so he didnt get hurt .
When Bruce realised that no one in America knows anything at all about real Martial Arts he starts to teach a made up 'fighting system' that contains no moves, no form or kata that was realy a 'screen martial arts' system designed to be easy to teach actors with no fight experience to enable them look good in a fight scene. Many people have been fooled by the advertising agencies and people pretending to be instructors into thinking this was a serious fighting style and spend vast amounts of money buying books and tribute videos and TShirts and never understanding JKD for what it was supposed to be in the first place. Bruce eventually started to believe his own bullshit until eventually one day his brain started to swell and he died.
Oh yeah and he made a few movies in china to..
lol...Armchair Bruce Lee fans are usually 13yr old boys who get beaten up alot by 12yr old girls.
by 2xRDA May 22, 2007

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