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An occurrence in which four or more couples are simultaneously
a. blocking and/or obstructing the walkway of a highly populated area while snuggling for too long or
b. just acting couple-y

frequently occurs around cheesy romantic holidays such as Valentines Day, Christmas, and/or even Halloween.
also a daily occurrence.
"Sorry I was late, I ran into another quadrasap."
"Yeah, they're bad this time of year."

"All this quadrasap makes me feel like a loser."
by 2randomwenches April 15, 2010
When one sick individual in a couple just can't keep his/her mouth off their gf/bf/fuckbuddy, passing on the virus that they will eventually get back from said gf/bf/other, creating a vicious tennis-like volley of sickness. The world must know.

"eww guys, stop playing sick pong."
by 2randomwenches April 15, 2010
a number 1 less than 3,000,513 and 1 greater than 3,000,511. duh....
"what is 2,999,998 + 514?"

"3,000,512, stupid..."
by 2randomwenches April 16, 2010

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