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One of the most funnest guys to be around. He is very funny. And really cute. He may seem like the one that doesnt like to talk much, but when he's around his friends, hes hilarious. Dane's always have a nice body, and wont push girls too much. Dane's are just like amazing and awsome!
Girl 1: Hey where were you last night?

Girl 2: With a Dane(:

Girl 1: Really?

Girl 2: Yeah, he's amazing! You have to find a Dane, they're the greatest!
by 2rad4u November 23, 2009
Stands for:
Rachel: Hey Kat you know Holly?

Kat: Yeah, What about her?

Rachel: She came up to me today and was all like, "Heeeeey, is that your new booyfrieend?, Maybe we should trade! He's sooo much hotter than mine! Now i'm gunna go play with my kitties!"

Rachel: She's is such a FISH!

Kat: Wow, yeah she is, Kitties? And, this was during school, What a retarted FISH.
by 2rad4u November 24, 2009

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