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A town that can't make up its mind about anything. Home to RJR Tobacco (i.e.: Camels, Pall Malls, Winstons), but has outlawed smoking indoors; home to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, but has frantically tried to combat obesity. Places to go here are the countless Italian and Asian restaurants, the mall, and Costco. You can't drive 20 miles without seeing a church. Also has a desperate and struggling music scene, which is mainly folk and country, as well as pitiful cover bands, "rappers" who drive beat-up Miadas, and teenage metalcore kids who love Between the Buried and Me but don't live in Greensboro. Most people born here can't wait to leave, but still come back because nowhere else can be this odd.
I'm going back to Winston-Salem tomorrow, I hope I don't get into another fight with a vegan.

I was in Winston-Salem and I nearly hit the Pink Bike Lady.
by 2g3j6e February 05, 2011

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