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1 definition by 2cool4skool567

Located in the middle of a dirt hole. Windy all the fuckin time so beware ur hair WILL get raped, but this school starts so damn early u won’t have time to fix it, sorry. Consists of mainly white trash who smoke pot all day (but then again what school isn’t like this?) & people who think they are cool cuz they wear Hollister and a&f everyday. Were 07’ state champs In football, rlly the only thing this school has to show for itself. Some party goers, mainly the seniors and some juniors and sophomores, the freshies are to fkn annoying. The semi-pretty girls here are mostly short chicks who wear heels to make themselves taller. The cheerleaders (who suck, most are fat chicks) are really the only popular chicks, they think they are badass cuz..well actually I don’t even kno why they think they’re so dope..newsflash yo, ur not. No guys are really hot here, some of the seniors are, some of the younger guys (10th & 11th graders) are hot but usually dicks or are annoying as fuck, which ruins it. The only cool people who go here are the ppl who aren't that “popular” and don’t have sex w/everyone. I don’t mean the nerds or weird ass people, I mean the mo fukin cool ass people. Try to find em. Some teachers are cool but most u will learn to hate. The classes are chill sometimes & aren’t very hard so u usually don’t feel like ur learning anything, so why the fuck am I going to school?! That’s the real question.
“Where do you go to school?”

“Ah, man I go to pueblo west high school bro.”

“I heard that school sucks”

“Yeah, mostly, don’t learn shit. I dig my friends tho, they’re chill.”
by 2cool4skool567 February 25, 2011