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Above The Waterline. Pooping in excess which results in filling the toilet above the water line then texting your buddy to let him know of your accomplishment. Extra recognition for corn, peas, peanuts or other undigested and recognizable objects or food. surf and turf chocolate iceberg
Person 1: Dude, ATWL with corn!
Person 2: Aww, man....
by 2cargar June 17, 2012
A person who steals someone else's seat when they get up to go into another room. From the saying, "I hope you jump in my coffin that fast!"
I got up to get a drink, and Christian took my seat. What a coffin jumper!
by 2cargar June 17, 2012
Shooting tears from one's eyes in a similar manner of saliva gleeking.
Yuck, that guy just eye gleeked on me!
by 2cargar November 03, 2010

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