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When you meet her you will glance twice and possibly stare. She is beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, and awesome at the exact same time which is difficult to pull off. She's not afraid to start a conversation at any time about anything. Execptional at following the rules of the car and always up-to-date with the most useless and interesting facts. She is small but violent so be careful with what you say to her. She's an angel one moment and your worst enemy the next but she does it out of love and because she loves a change of pace. She has a huge heart to compensate for her lack of height and she can tell you anything about Poland or Russia even though she's really Canadian. If she is having a bad day it means she misses her best friend or she just wants some gatorade. She's a great friend to trust and to have by your side so don't pass up the opportunity to meet someone really awesome.
--Hey, Allison doesn't look very happy today
-She will be once she has her gatorade!

--She looks like she wants to hurt me but say or do something funny at the same time...
-Yeah, that's Allison for you

--Do you know anyone that helps save people?
-Doctors, lawyers, firefighters... oh, and of course Allison..
She's a lifeguard!
by 2awesome4you November 17, 2010

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