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1. Someone from the country of India. Although from an immensly crowded native country, when given opportunities, blow people's minds.

2. Wealthiest minority in the USA

3. One who dominates in medical sciences, as well as in engineering fields

4. Someone who calls his country SECULAR, although over 90% are hindu

5. People who dominate the cricket fields
The father hesitated when faced with the challenge of choosing between two indian physicians for his new family.
by 2PInZ April 19, 2005
The man who finally took the first step againt the 21st century evil.

The man who left the entire democrat party crying and sore losers after being re-elected and royally owning john kerry.

The man who has set up a democracy in the heart of the middle east, which will serve as a beacon for freedom and democracy in a troubled part of the world.

The man with morals, and a strong believer in god.

Not a flip-flop.

The man who gets the job done, unlike Pres. Clinton. who sat his ass around doing 0 and getting his penis sucked.

The man who opened the world's eyes and showed the world what America is made of.

The man who will be remembered for centuries as the most productive and most ambitious president, and missionary of freedom.
President Bush was the deliverer of freedom all across the world.
by 2PInZ April 19, 2005
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