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An officially recognized nickname for Missouri's flagship state university, the University of Missouri (MU), located in Columbia, Missouri. The University of Missouri was formerly designated as the University of Missouri-Columbia, under the University of Missouri System,which includes UMSL and UMKC, but "Columbia" was dropped after a decision made in late 2007.

"Mizzou" is ubiquitously used to refer to the university's athletic teams and the name can also be used to refer generally to the entire city of Columbia.

The origin of the nickname is unknown, but the first recorded usage of the word occurred in an alumni publication in 1906. As the university was formerly known as Missouri State University, it is possible that "Mizzou" came from a pronunciation of "MSU."
"I am really glad that I decided to go to Mizzou for my undergrad."

"Mizzou obviously pours a lot of their budget into athletics."

"The parties I've been to at Mizzou have all been really crazy."
by 2NIC October 17, 2009
An alternative form for Saint Louis, Missouri that can be used in reference to any location within the Greater St. Louis area, including, but not limited to, the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County and sections of St. Charles County. The definition of the term varies according to the individual's geographic location. When someone has travelled away from the area, they may use the term more broadly, however, a resident may not include the entire Greater St. Louis area in their own definition.
"Hey, there's a lot going on in the STL this weekend, so maybe we should go check it out."

"Several people I knew in high school went to Mizzou for college, but only a few chose to stay in the the STL.

"I heard your favorite band is coming to the STL next year!"
by 2NIC October 17, 2009

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