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ghetto in most parts, but okay in others. the majority of the population is spanish and brazilian, also with a good amount of italians and africans. the local high school is becoming more and more dangerous, (after the basketball game 2 people got stabbed.) more and more violent people move into danbury. some "gangsters" have become skaters. the skating population is also growing very quickly, because skaters in danbury have no intrest in what race/age you are. danbury athletics have been improving with the track and wrestling team winning many state championships in the past 2 decades. the football team is also making an improvment. in all a pretty good place to live, but...if you live in ridgefield, darien, greenwich etc. i highly advise you not to spend much time in danbury as your not experienced enough to handle the lifestyle.
by 2Ki23 January 22, 2011

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