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A group of activists both in real life and internet universe. Supporting freedom of speech hacking people who think otherwise. Since more and more things are being controlled remotely (on internet), Anonymous makes it easier for you to receive all information your government tries to hide from you. Those who get their computer fried, should install an Antivirus Program. Being able to use and exploit computer technologies when needed for the sake of goodness doesn't make you a nerd. And for people who think they have lives - you don't know who are "Anonymous" in person and you are not the one to judge someone. If you don't know how to turn off your computer when someone is breaking into it, you don't have to call every hacker "Anonymous". Blaming a group of individuals for a crime someone else has made only makes you stereotypical. If a 14 years old managed to fry your computer that is your problem, but for that you should blame only yourself, for not hiding your passwords. You are brave to describe a group without meeting its members. Being unaware of what they really do makes you look like YOU are the the one not going outside and watching their protests. They don't protest for fun, people should read more to realize the truth. Maybe you are constant visitor of 4chan and porn since those are the only associations you know. Though it is not very surprising to me that you get your computer fried after going to porn, furfag websites.
Dedicated for those who are ignorant, posting definitions of what they don't even know. Ignorance. Anonymous are not ignorant.
by 2Anonymous7 May 20, 2011

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