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Wise Isles, is the new politically correct way of referring to the British Isles. Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England Isles. The Isle of Man is not happy about it though.
Patrick-I am an Irish man, I am free from British Tyranny.
George-No you are not Ireland is part of the British Isles, thus you are British
Patrick- No you idiot, that is an archaic way of describing these two islands. I propose we name them the WISE Isles
George- I see where you are you going with this - the four countries first initials rearranged as an anagram, genius
by 27pence September 17, 2007
Not Much Tit - A Lady who does not have much in the Breast area
1: - I am a Lady
2: - No you are not, you have NMT
by 27pence September 17, 2007

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