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2 definitions by 201farmer

Raspalandai is the feeling you get when you realize how vast and possibly empty the universe is and you suddenly go into a state of shock and you feel weightless but heavy at the same time. You also feel very small. This state of mind lasts very briefly and it has a strangely satisfyingly scary feeling. To enter this state, you have to sit (or stand, lay down, whatever you choose) perfectly still and in as much silence as you can. Once you accomplish this, you must think of nothing except for nothingness. You must think of an empty place where nothing, not even you exists. (You may need to close your eyes as well) It's pitch black and nothing exists ever. You are there but at the same time you are not. If you do this long enough and correctly, you will know when you feel it. You will feel very small, weightless, and heavy at the same time. It only lasts a second or two. If it lasts for more than 10 seconds, you may want to contact a doctor or something like that. Side effects include: drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive juggling, depression, and, in severe cases, death. Please raspalandai carefully.
- "Hey bro, whatcha doing?"
- "Oh, I'm just trying this raspalandai thing I found on the Internet... shh!"
- "That sounds really weird and--"
- "What the... what are you doing?!"
- "Excessively juggling. I don't know how to even juggle!"
by 201farmer August 28, 2013
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An online games where you buildup an empire and attack others on random maps. Most people stop playing after they realize it's basically Risk online and go home and play Risk like a boss.
Guy 1: Hey, wanna play some Warlight?
Guy 2: Nah brah! Let's play real life sh*t like Risk.
Guy 3: That ain't real life homo! *Shoots off heads of guys 1 and 2
by 201farmer January 15, 2013
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