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A large oversized Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that gets stuck in 6 inches of snow. This gas guzzling 2WD with 20in rims frequently gets stuck in its owners driveway, resulting in a 2010 Honda Accord pulling it onto the road with a 25k tow strap. (yes there are pictures)
Ford Excursion Owner: "Shit...I can't get my truck out of my yard..."

Honda Owner: "Hold on man, I still have my tow strap from my old truck in the trunk."

Ford Excursion Owner: "HAHAHA.. You think that HONDA can pull my Excursion up that hill in the snow.."

Honda Owner: "All I ask is that you let me get pictures of this..."

Ford Excursion Owner: "Deal.."

30 sec later

Ford Owner: "shoulda bought a honda"
by 2010AccordEXL February 05, 2010
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