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French word for kiss
bisou bisou = little kiss
by 2004 August 23, 2004
0. When both of two systems are in equilibrium with a third, the first two systems are in equilibrium with each other
1. Conservation of Energy - Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
2. Entropy continuously increases.
3. Absolute zero cannot be reached.
Isn't it cool how all this corresponds to math and stuff?
by 2004 March 25, 2004
a naive boy who appears about once in every physics set of problems
Flurb's heat engine operates between 329.0°C and 25.0°C, and has an efficiency of 62.0% of Carnot efficiency. If 574 J of heat go into the engine, how much work does it produce?
by 2004 December 20, 2003

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