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A teeny bopper is usually a pre-teen, or tween female ranging from age 10, youngest at 8, to 14. They read magazines like "Twist" and "M" and "J-14" and other lame, glossy, faux celeb junk like that. They sit in little snobby cliques, are usually under or over weight, have anorexia, friends of cutters, and like to think they are all that. The teeny bopper natural enviroment is middle school, and late upper elementary school, or early high school. The easy way to NOT be a teeny bopper is simply hate them. They type like this: OmG!!!!LyKe WaT r U doin'? Lyke, WaNnA hAnG oUt ON, lyke, lyke, lyke, omg? Lyke no way! KoOoOLlLlL!! They often wear baby-doll t-shirts that say crap like "Punk Princess", or "Watch Out!" or at the worst cases, "Future Mrs.(Name of teeny bopper celeb)".
Teeny Boppers in my school love junk. I hate them all.
by 1to1for December 15, 2010

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