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Bloodriot (derives from the two words, "blood” and “riot"). It’s the turning point of which a human once infected has minutes to live then transforms from living - walking corpse. The feed of the living consuming the flesh (most attracted to the brain), the only possible way of elimination is termination of the brain.
zombie bites a human, bloodriot process starts .. read more about it above ;o
by 1nf3c710n May 04, 2007
Taken from the word 'latency' meaning a delay when something is initiated to when it’s recognised/detected.

la•ten•cy (l t n-s )
n. pl. la•ten•cies
1. The state or quality of being latent.
2. Psychology The latency period.
3. A latent period.
'L4T3NCY' / latency the term commonly used in online gaming such as Counter-strike when a user is experiencing lag from have a high ping ratio.
by 1NF3C710N June 08, 2007
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