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One of the main Hawaiian islands. It's main import is tourists. It's chief export is tacky souvenirs. It residents are the following: The retiree who has moved to the island to complain about everything, the average working class who usually have to have 2 or more jobs in order to eek out a living, and the angry locals who seem to hate everyone. The second type usually are very warm and friendly and will bend over backwards to help you.

The latter class tends to hate anyone who isn't brown and tends to exhibit excessive amounts of xenophobia and racism. So much so that if 2 people from the same place visited and one was Caucasian while the other Latin American, The Latin American would be treated fairly while the Caucasian( colloquially known as Haole) will be treated poorly. Sadly a majority of these types tend to be of mixed race (even white).
Kauai has some of the greatest scenery and if you stick to touristy things you'll have a great time. Go anywhere else and you'll get a not so warm welcome from some of the locals.
Kauai is locally known as the unconquered island by some locals, but in reality Kauai surrendered to King Kamehameha (see DragonballZ) to prevent bloodshed
Want to go to Kauai?

Angry moke: No foget fo go home stupid Haole.
by 1haole December 07, 2012

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