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Hound Dog Syndrome is found to be derived from stretched, flabby skin being left over after rapid weight-loss of at least 80 pounds. HDS (Hound Dog Syndrome) affects the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, and upper arms the most. One severe case of HDS, when a woman lost over 250 pounds, she was shattered to find that she had three wrinkly slabs of floppy skin draping down her abdominals.
"Dude, that chick I fucked last night was an ex-chunky, yeah man, she weighed over 400 pounds and is down to 140 and she had the wickedest Hound Dog Syndrome."
by 1fist2far June 22, 2009
The extra wrinkly folds as obtained from having such conditions as Hound Dog Syndrome (HDS) are wrapped around the penis and used as a fuck toy. The penis is thrust into the surrounding flab of skin, usually with some form of lubrication, either saliva or artificial lube.
"That fucking ex-fatty Sarah was giving me terrible head, so I flap trapped the fuck out of her."
by 1fist2far June 22, 2009
Skinning is the act of fucking flabby skin as obtained by Hound Dog Syndrome (HDS).
"I was skinning her left breast and I jizzed in her eye so hard she was blind in that eye until noon the next day"
by 1fist2far June 22, 2009

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