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1.A shadow that can be seen in broad darkness
2.A watermark of some sort
3.A white person acting black
4.A rapper from the 2000's (A.K.A. Derrick Gossett)
"Dude it's pitch black and I can still see my WHITE SHADOW."
by 1BADGUY July 26, 2009
Using anything BUT a hammer to hammer a nail into the wall, such as shoes, lamp bases, doorstops, etc.
"Quit blithwapping and just go find a hammer"
by 1badguy July 26, 2009
To use the left over letters from a sticker or stencil sheet to spell one word. The same can be done with magnetic letters on a frigerator or advertizement signs.
"Bshityxqomgizw is a cramble a spelled on my frigerator with the left over letters."
by 1badguy July 26, 2009
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