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The state of being fast--really fast. Usually associated with the infamous Sam Xu. No one has ever reached it, but once it is obtained, the possibilities are endless.
"Heh, so that's how you reach hyper speed."-Sam Xu, while studying his computer screen
by 1_uca March 13, 2005
1. The word someone uses for an mp3 player when:
A) they think the name for an mp3 player made by Apple is an Ipad
B) they think that every mp3 player is made by Apple

2. A patch that you may use to cover your eyes for various reasons. It is sometimes used mistakenly by people trying to refer to mp3 players.
1. "whoa! dude, why do you have three ipads? don't you only need one?"

2. "No, I need to cover both of my eyes, and my pirate friend needs one too."
by 1_uca March 13, 2005

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