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2 definitions by 1ThatOtherGuy1

A person characterized by red hair and general paleness. Often found inside, as the sun is their mortal enemy. Most, if not all gingers are, in fact, soulless; this fact has been confirmed by several ginger sources. The condition associated with them, gingervitis, is a myth. Some gingers also possess ninja-like qualities. Regular people fear gingers due to their difference, and as such attempt to make fun of them. Usually they are unsuccessful. See also: Raging Badass; BAMF
That ginger over there...was he there a second ago?
The redhead?
Yeah...he's like a ninja!
by 1ThatOtherGuy1 July 12, 2011
A person who fights fires and provides prehospital emergency care. See also: Raging Badass
Wow, firefighters are the hottest, most badass, and kicks the shit out of any other job kind of people!
by 1ThatOtherGuy1 July 11, 2011