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Somebody between the ages of 10-12, or a wider range of 8-13. Most teens think that all preteens:
1. TyPEEe LYkk DIz :PPP
2. Are obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana
3. Want to be teens
4. Say "your mom" constantly
5. "Smear glitter all over our faces"
I don't know anyone over the age of 7 that tYpeSS LyyK DizZz :DDDD or listens to the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana. We have no reason to want to be a teen. My friends and I fear becoming teens. I have heard a lot of people saying "your mom" but I'd say it's mostly people under 11... and I've never seen anybody with glitter all over their face.

I've watched Disney Channel shows a couple times and the ones I've seen suck. I don't listen to or wear anything so I can "be a cool teeeeennn!!!!11" I wear Aeropostale because I like it. I listen to Lady GaGa because I like her music. I would never do anything just because "everyone else is". Your stereotypes about preteens are annoying and hurtful. This all came from a 12 year old, and I'm not ashamed of my age.
16-year-old: Hahaha! Look at that stupid preteen! She's wearing Aeropostale! She's probably listening to the Jonas Brothers on her iPod! Maybe she's going home to watch Disney Channel! Hahaha!
17-year-old: Just because some preteens listen to the Jonas Brothers doesn't mean that she does. Maybe she's wearing Aeropostale because she likes it.
16-year-old: Haha, sure.

17-year-old: *eyeroll*
by 19Alice98 June 26, 2010
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