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For the limey idiot who said "colour" was originally spelled that way: look it up, dipshit. The "ou" dipthong originates from French, around the time of the Normans. The original spelling of "color" is "color," as are almost all Latinate/Grecian words (this discounts words of French origin, but most American spellings stick to French convention of using an "ou"). British dumbasses changed these words to make them appear more Latinate/Grecian by adding the u. Again, look it up, and look somewhere reputable, like a book. Noah Webster, an American dictionary writer, pushed for the American people to return to the correct, classic spelling of this and other words. He also pushed for the proper pronunciation of "schedule" as "skedule," as this is a Grecian word and all other Latinate/Grecian words with "sch" are pronounced "sk." Only Yiddish/Germanic "sch" words are pronounced "sh."

Furthermore, even British linguists state that most American accents (short of the accents which are closer to British accents, like East Coast accents) are closer to the "original" pronunciations of English. Strong vowels, rhoticism, and emphasis on syllables are all believed to be trademarks of Old and Middle English speakers.

And your talk about "y'all" shows how fucking stupid and ignorant you are. This is a Southern custom, you fucking idiot. And at least we don't call cigarettes "fags" you limey cocksucker.
American accent or British accent?: There is a reason Americans feel that British men sound like faggots....they fucking sound like faggots.
by 1776YouAllDied June 17, 2009

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