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5 definitions by 1337w33d

The mixing of the following two drugs: Diphenhydramine (Antihistamine commonly known of as Benadryl, and when taken in high dosages can be a powerful deliriant) and MDMA, the drug commonly known as Ecstasy. Is known to create extremely interesting effects on the mind. Sometimes can be unnerving.

Don't recommend trying this unless you are interested in the experience. First try DPH (Diphenhydramine - Note, this isn't a fun drug to most) and MDMA (Ecstasy) separately if you haven't already.
Psychonaut 1: Hey man, have you tried Nightmare Flipping?
Psychonaut 2: Nah man what combo is that?
Psychonaut 1: It's a mixture of that deliriant Diphenhydramine and of course, Ecstasy.
Psychonaut 2: Woah, I never thought of trying that, sounds interesting!
by 1337w33d December 18, 2009
18 1
When one is in the state of which you are so high it outmatches the Nazi blitzkrieg into Poland!
Brian: Dude I'm as blitzed as poland!
Thomas: Wtf you saying bro
Brian: I'm extremely fucking high.
by 1337w33d October 25, 2009
27 12
Internet Movie Database. An online database of information about actors, films, television shows, television stars, video games and production crew members.

Also a place for pretentious douche-bags to write crappy reviews for movies thinking their opinion matters.
Wow IMDB has such elaborate information on films! It's a shame morons ruin it by writing horrible reviews, people suck!
by 1337w33d June 28, 2011
15 5
When the faggotry level of one reaches an unprecedented level of faggot, they are known as Large faggots.
<@o_Noes> my pubes is a mohican
<@Grass> large faggot u r
by 1337w33d October 29, 2009
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A game somewhat popular in Southern California (specifically the 760/909 area codes)

The objective of the game is to say the words "Slider Justice" whenever your friends are zoned out or not paying attention. If they don't realize you've said slider justice, then you slap them in the face.

If used responsibly, it can be quite hilarious. But if abused, it can really be annoying.
You: *whispering* Slider Justice.
Friend 2: Huh?
You: *slap*
Friend 2: God damn high kill
by 1337w33d November 26, 2009
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