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2 definitions by 13@M13@M

when your have mad sex with the racoon and you stick your fat ass jumbo jack in a racoons eye and skull fuck it then you take the dead racoons carcas and then slap your partner's butt cheeks with it and then you squeal like a racoon... like tom cruise
connor riley..."man i tapped that racoon ass and gave my bus driver a squealing racoon."

BAMBAM said..." dude... your such a fuckin idiot... thats really fuckin nasty."
by 13@M13@M July 25, 2009
when your fucking a girl in her vagina and right when she is about to have an orgasm you stick candy in vagina and u push it in with your dick!!!!
bambam..." dude i gave my gf the piÑata pumper and she loved it!!!"

connor..." i still like the squealing racoon better..."

bambam..." fuck off connor so fucking nasty..."
by 13@M13@M July 25, 2009